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Business Tools To Keep You Organized!

Are you a business owner, employee, or even self-employed and are looking to not only increase your workplace activity but also keep yourself organized? We have you covered with our newest CoGrow Blog!

We have gone through and found four awesome tools you can implement into your business to keep you organized. So what are these tools? Toggl, Trello, Buffer, and Discord.

So let's take a dive and discuss what each one can do for you!

Toggl is an amazing app that allows you to separate products, keep track of time, see who on your team worked during time periods, as well as plan for billable hours. Toggl is the perfect app for a busy workplace, companies that work from home, as well as disorganized employees.

How easy is it to use Toggl? Toggle has an easy to set up and easy to use interface. All the user has to do is set rescheduled tasks, such as social media content creation, or website development. Then they just pick what they are doing, and hit add time entry and it tracks your progress until you hit the stop button. It is super easy to use! Want to learn more about toggle? Click here.

Trello is an easy to use board that allows collaborators to know who is working on projects, alongside what tasks have been completed and what tasks need to still be finished. Trello has an easy and friendly UI that has a drag and drop functionality to ensure users know the simplicity of the tool. Trello is perfect for dividing up work among a team to ensure maximized efficiency without any overlaps.

Buffer is a social media tool that allows you to preplan your social media post. It works best for planning a social media strategy, creating the content, and then uploading it and letting buffer take care of the rest while you work on your business. Buffer simply requires a caption, image, post date, and platform destination and it will do the rest! Buffer is simple to use and is CoGrow recommended

There are a few applications online to use for team discussions and meetings, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and even simple emails. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Discord took advantage of the amount of work from home professionals and fine tuned their previously gaming communications platform and made it more user friendly for professionals to collaborate and work together.

Discord offers channels for discussion via text and speech. They also offer screen sharing and video calling, as well as the ability to collaborate with others.

Discord is also a great tool to use when trying to grow your community as you can invite members to your discord server and interact with them directly.

All the tools discussed today are perfect for businesses, employees, and self-employed. We hope these tools help you keep track of and on top of your works!

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