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How to connect with your audience through all of the real-world restrictions

Throughout the past six months, the world has seen a transformation that has halted the real world. With all of these limitations, we are seeing business owners, online personalities, and icons finding themselves in a slump connecting to their audience. Although restrictions are being lifted, we still won’t see large gatherings until 2021 according to a news article from CNBC.

So Now What?

It is time to take advantage of the digital world through social media platforms, and streaming websites.

Social Media Platforms

The three most engaging social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although technically Youtube was ranked 2nd, it will be categorized under a different topic.

Facebook and Instagram are great for doing live sessions that are quick to interact with your audience. Have some free time between meetings? Want to take a quick break? Hop into a Facebook Live or Instagram Live to quickly chat with your audience. People are quick to join because they get notified when someone they follow goes live.

Twitter works in a different fashion but it is also effective. Want to connect with your community and other businesses in a less formal environment? Twitter is ideal for fast pace back to back communication that can lead to direct messages where users can have a private one on one conversations with their audience.

Streaming Platforms

Streaming has become a new outlet that very few small businesses take advantage of. Although a majority of businesses have their mass audience on Facebook and Instagram, using streaming platforms such as Youtube and Twitch can become a new way to reach your audience.

So why use Twitch or Youtube?

Using a platform designed for streaming grants you flexibility with how your allow users to not only watch your stream but also interact. Both platforms have a chat option built into the stream, with the ability to also design a front cover page that offers quick links to webpages of your choosing. You can also add multiple scenes that you can switch to and from that allow you to provide a full production stream to your viewers.

So how do I set this up?

You download two potential applications such as Streamlabs OBS or OBS and connect it to your preferred streaming platform through directions provided through their website.

Why try live sessions?

You might be asking why you would want to set up these different platforms and start live sessions? There are three main focuses on live streaming at a base level. Your reach, new content, and engagement. When you start to live stream, your potential audience reach grows further as new people can see what you have to offer in real-time. You are creating new content that can be recycled into Instagram or Facebook posts as highlights from your live sessions. With easy to download video-on-demands from Twitch and Youtube, streamers can download their past streams and edit them into new content. Lastly, engagement will increase as you are now engaging with your audience in a real-time setting. Although posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are beneficial, audiences love interacting with the business, content creator, or influencer in a live format.

If you are looking to grow your audience and your current reach, please see our services to see how CoGrow Marketing can help. If you had any questions, feel free to email us at or leave a comment below.

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